White 50x70 Frames

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    If you're one of the deep-rooted minimalists and you wear white on a daily basis, you are at the right address. Not only have you probably already chosen one of our Minimalist or Line Art Posters, but you also want to keep the last detail in a minimalist spirit as well.

    Modern art is very creative and special, and so calming it down with white frame is most probably the right choice. Adding white wooden frame onto your next Project Nord poster is a minimalist decision through and through.

    Creating a gallery wall can be a difficult task if you're not certain about how the art print will fit together with all the frames around them. But opting for white colour, let's be honest. There's not much that can go wrong, especially if you know how to combine things together. 

    2 products

    Project Nord's white 50x70 poster frames are ideal for any minimalist soul because they won't break any high-quality design you bring in to your home. Any large wall is the perfect background for starting a gallery wall, and white is obviously a great colour choice when it comes to picture frames, because it doesn't draw the attention away from your wall art.

    Our 50x70 thin white frame is excellent choice for your living room interior design, since it's not striking and so it'll never be a thorn for an eye. Your guest will pay all the attention and admiration to your posters and prints and won't be distracted by a white poster frame for sure.

    What's more, if you go for our new designs, we have white picture frames in store for you with a very delicate frame glass with protective layer, so that you don't have to be afraid that any of your delivery would come destroyed.  Project Nord's white frame for 50x70cm posters is an obvious choice for your home decor.

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