White Frames

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    White frames will be a fabulous solution if the walls at your home, office or whichever place you are looking to put a poster upon, are any colour but white! It can create a delicate contrast and make posters become a great addition to your interior design.

    However, white frames will look great on a white wall as well! Because the frames are not always flat, they can be a great accent on any sort of background. 

    You can even add a historic vibe to your piece of art by choosing a white picture frame with majestic engraving. Make it look like a window frame from a castle that your room is!

    White photo frames will be a wonderful addition to child’s pictures. Because of the happy brightness, the white picture frames can make your family portrait seem just as happy and loving as you are. Pictures with white frames are easy on the eyes and warm up the heart.

    2 products

    White is the colour of the good, the bright and the happy. Even your smile is white, and a smile on your face is the sign of happiness! The accessories of the blue sky in the form of clouds, the very highest peaks of mountains on our planet – colour white! Even the Sun, which we are considering to be yellow, looks white with a naked eye (don’t look for too long though!), as well as the night sky guardian – Moon in all of its white glory.

    A minimalist's dream - the white frames

    If you are dreaming of putting big white frames around the posters in your room, here is the sign you have been looking for! We, Project Nord team are encouraging you to do it, as we are sure that it will look great in your interior design.

    Project Nord is located in the heart of Scandinavian city Copenhagen, so we are very familiar with the famous Scandinavian design that the world is falling in love with. We love it just as much as the next designer and we are sure that white frames around your artwork will be the solution you have been looking for. Minimalistic, clean and bright – now that is what we call a super combo!

    Dare to put some extra large picture frames up!

    White frames do not only work perfectly with wall-size mirror, but extra large white picture frames will for sure bring out the best of the artworks that take on most of your wall. It can be a bedroom artwork, which will give you a feeling of sleeping in a soft cloud. It can be a living room centrepiece. It is your choice where you want to put it, however white will forever be the right choice.

    Your home, just like any others, feels the best when it is clean and tidy. The colour white has this amazing attribute of brightening the room and almost clearing the air around it.

    Some of the positive meanings that white can convey include cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity. If the colour white and Scandinavian design both carry the same ideas, it is safe to say that the two are connected! Frame your minimalist posters in a white frame and you will see how it will bring calmness in your interior and at the same time, cover the naked, boring walls.

    It is such a small and simple step to take to make every day better. The white frame can be the thing that brightens up your day in the morning and sets you up for a successful day.

    Share your happy memories with your family and friends! Moreover, the white framed pictures will bring out even more positive emotions and keep the memories in your heart. The warm buzz that you feel when looking at the white-framed family pictures is love. Make this buzz a part of your every day and see how your life changes for the best.

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