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    Wonderful Nordic style winter posters capturing the "hygge" mood of Scandinavian winter season. Add warmth to your home decor with our winter collection.   

    69 products

    You open the door from the inside and a breeze of cold air touches your cheeks and hands. The white snow is so bright for your eyes and you take a breath through your nose. The air feels crisp and smells different – good different! You can feel the presence of the snow even with your eyes closed.

    Whilst it takes you twice as long to get dressed for the outdoors, nevertheless, there is still so much to do! You can finally go skiing or snowboarding down the mountains, ice-skating on the lake or even building a snowman in your own backyard!

    The clear white of the snow makes the streets and fields seem bright even though the sun barely rises over the horizon. You have a hot chocolate in your hand that tastes fantastic and warms your hands at the same time.

    Winter might be a little less comfortable than other seasons. It's colder, there are more layers of clothes… but it is still a time of beauty! What better way to celebrate those cosy and hygge months than by hanging a winter-themed poster! Whatever you're looking for, Project Nord's winter collection has the poster for you!

    You can find your perfect winter art print at the Project Nord website. This will will definitely look fabulous in your bedroom, perhaps above your nightstand.

    An excellent attribute of a winter-themed poster design is that they commonly focus on the colour white. And this colour can complement any interior design. White combines well with any colour on the colour palette. 

    Be sure to welcome the winter wonderland in your home. It is truly full of wonders.

    Winter Season Posters

    The colour most associated with winter is white. This is because it's the only time of the year when this bright colour is lying in the piles of snow outside. 

    One tip: winter posters for school are a great way to make a classroom more fun! Kids love playing in the snow, which is why the winter-themed posters will be a great solution to freshening up the room where children and teens gain knowledge about the wonderful world around them. They can either be affordable winter posters or kids winter posters. All of them will bring joy to this young person's eyes. 

    Art posters are something that you can make together with children. Or, if you are feeling creative, you don't need children as an excuse to create DIY art for your home or workplace. You can make a whole winter wall art and have fun while doing that!

    If the only place you enjoy the snow is at the top of a mountain, we suggest you put one or two ski resort posters up on your walls at home. You can use it as a hint for your family that you would definitely enjoy skiing in the upcoming winter! 

    Driving around the mountains, skiing while the sun is shining and enjoying the wonderful view around you. In the evening, when you get back to your hotel room, you cosy up right underneath a cosy poster  and are thankful for the home decor that you are surrounded by. 

    If you love winter animals just as much as we do, we do not only have posters of polar bears, but also white fox posters, running around in the winter snow. It will be a great addition to a children’s room.

    Nevertheless, minimalist winter posters can also something more in the taste of an adult! Winter wall posters will warm the hearts of youngsters and grown-ups. 

    A Christmas poster also makes a wonderful gift to anyone on your Christmas list. What a better way for them to enjoy the wintertime. Anything winter-themed will be a great decoration for this crisp and cold time of year. 

    Lastly, when the posters are hanging on the walls, the winter solstice is knocking on your door and the whole family is about to meet up again for a fun Christmas feast. The mood in the room is so unique. There is no other place in the world where you would prefer to be at that moment. 

    Children are laughing, the conversations are bubbling on all sides of the family table. There is no need to reach for your phone and check your social media apps because all you want to see on Christmas is right in front of your eyes. 

    The minimalist posters in the room make it feel homier than ever. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, just like they sing in the songs. 

    Fun Winter Facts

    I'm sure you already know that the north pole is the most northern point of the earth, while the south pole is on the opposite side of the planet. But of course, both have an eternal winter, even though they are at the opposite ends of the world.

    The North Pole itself is located in the middle of the ocean and thereby is an enormous ice block. It's in the centre of the northern hemisphere. 

    While the South pole is a piece of land that is not officially owned by any country. Yet, twelve countries claim to have the rights to govern their respective areas. The list of countries that claim the right to own Antarctica includes France, Australia and The United States. 

    Another fact: you may have thought that two snowflakes cannot ever be the same, however, this has been proven to be wrong. Yes, scientists have found two identical snowflakes, which or course threw this whole theory out the window. However, the snowflakes we see and draw can be perfectly used as a Christmas poster template. Snowflakes are one of the main symbols of winter, as it's most common to see the snow during the cold months of the year, and only in certain parts of the world. 

    Did you know that here at Project Nord, we offer free shipping worldwide? So you can get your favourite print sent to you, no matter where you live in the world!

    Winter posters may even make the best home decor because of how comfortable they make your home feel. When outside, a real blow of winter can turn unpleasant, as it's cold and rough for human skin. This, however, does not change the fact that winter can actually be a very pretty time of year.

    The winter landscape might feel unreal at times. Did you know that snowflakes are not actually white? It makes sense, though, because why would water, which is clear when liquid and clear when frozen as ice, would suddenly turn white. It is explained by the scattered light that bounces off the frozen crystals into the snow. As the reflected light includes all colours, the snowflakes look white. 

    If you are located in the country where instead of a pine Christmas tree you decorate  a palm tree, and you spend Christmas by the pool or in a park outdoors, the best way to introduce the winter celebration feeling is by decorating your indoor surroundings. Make your own portal to a winter wonderland, no matter where on this planet you are located! 

    Have fun and make memories while the winter lasts. It might not be everyone's favourite season but nevertheless it’s so beautiful that none of us should miss out!

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