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    Enjoy our collection of Yoga pose posters in minimalist style. Designed for your living room or yoga studio to set a calm mood that inspires you to go deeper in your exercises.
    3 products

     We at Project Nord love to take care of our bodies and minds. That is why we have devoted a collection of yoga posters, as we believe in the importance and effectiveness of this practice. We think that the human mind and body is capable of doing so much more than the majority of people are led to believe.

    Yoga art is something every single person on this planet should look into. Take care of your being, your wellness. Design yourself a life where the smile on your lips is real. It is all possible, you must only put your body and mind together, in order to create miracles.

    Mindfulness and inner peace are more and more difficult to achieve at this day and age. Busy schedules, strict routines, traffic and unexpected turns of events can easily create a storm in your mind and at times, it might be a complicated journey back to the calm state of mind.

    The name yoga was mentioned in the oldest sacred texts, the Rig Veda, over 5000 years ago. The idea of these practices is to exercise not only the physical body but the spiritual one as well. It is a way to heal yourself, heal your mind and your body.

    It is a great way to reduce stress. Stress and sickness are found highly connected. It means that the human body is directly impressed by the stress factor of the mind, which can herby result in disease there is still no medicine to. 

    However, every single one of us on this world has the opportunity to practice yoga at some point, and to take care of our bodies not only from the outside but also on the inside. We walk this earth in our unique bodies; we live through the wonder that is life. Make the rest of it the best of it!

    Practising yoga through posters

    The only time too late to start practising yoga is never. The first thing to do, choose a yoga art poster, wellness poster or a yoga wall art, in order to keep you motivated to remain to practise. It might sound unbelievable, but practising yoga for only 15 minutes every day comes with a pile of great benefits!

    A routine does not always have to be a negatively toned word. Make it a routine to do even a few yoga asanas per day, and watch how your life is improving! There are numerous sources online that can help you get started with your yoga practices. 

    As mentioned before, it is never too late to start! Every single human body on this planet deserves the self-love and calm that yoga brings. Try it! Maybe a month later you will be the person with a Yoga for Life posters hanging around their home! 

    Decorate your home with yoga art prints and inspire your family to join you on this wonderful journey to an emotionally fulfilled life and healthy body.

    In case you are not comfortable with practising yoga by yourself, there are so many yoga enthusiasts and studios around the world, that you will definitely find one near you. 

    Do not hesitate, sign up for practice and start your yoga master journey as soon as possible! Afterwards, you will wonder: why didn’t I do this sooner? It leaves such a great impact on your life!

    If you are a yoga studio, looking for ways to accessorize your studio space, you will not be disappointed by our choice of yoga prints! Our designs are practical in a way that they will make any room a place where people feel good. 

    You can find some vintage yoga posters, yoga graphic design posters, yoga fitness posters and yoga wall poster! All that is in our yoga poster collection. Shop yoga posters at Project Nord, because we here do the thing that we all believe in – participate in creating an interior design pleasant to be at. Shop yoga posters here and enjoy the quality!

    The reason why we chose to go for these yoga type of posters is that it is not only good for your mind and body but let’s be honest, yoga artwork is very appealing to the eyes! A studio with a large yoga wall poster will be as a great way to market the place, as it will be more appealing to the potential customers!

    Even though yoga is nowhere near cardio training, it sure can help keep your body in shape. Have you ever seen a yoga fitness poster? It is a thing! Even without the specific fitness yoga, the yoga practice trains some of the muscles you might not be aware existed… until the day after the practice. 

    You will become more flexible, feel more powerful and achieve greater heights in your life than ever before! Implement yoga into your daily life and bloom like Japanese cherry blossom blooms in the spring! It will be all worth it.

    Strike a pose!

    As you might have known, yoga is mostly about achieving poses instead of a particular repeated movement. Dancing is the practice where the two key components are the poses and the movement between the poses. The combination of these and here you go, you have a dance combination!

    Yoga poses are the key to yoga practice. They are also called yoga asanas. In total, there are 84 classical yoga asanas out there. However, there are hundreds of thousands of more variations of these asanas.

    Yoga poses are given different names, in order for the practitioner to be able to remember them and follow along during a yoga studio lesson or individual practice. Otherwise, it would be a challenge to remember all 84 of the yoga poses. Another alternative, especially useful for the beginners, is the yoga posture poster to hang into the practice space. Visually presented yoga poses are visible for every person who is interested in viewing them.

    When practising yoga, your body might start to be able to become as flexible as never before. That might come as a surprise! Many people would never even dare to do a split. Some would, but they might just be ballerinas, that have been stretching their bodies. 

    And yet, practice after practice goes by and finally, you are able to move your body in a way that you could have only imagined only recently! Now you can do yoga handstands and yoga headstands, you know what lotus pose is, your anxiety is gone and you feel that the joy of life is flowing through your veins!

    Yoga is also found to be a great practice to try out in cases of depression. Not only that, it is found to improve the quality of your sleep! Sleep is a highly important component of our everyday life, in fact, a healthy person spends almost one-third of their life asleep! 

    There is nothing like a feeling of great night sleep when you wake up in the morning well-rested. No anxiety feeling is coming to ruin the morning, you feel stronger than ever, your posture is just beautiful and you feel the massive positive impact of the yoga practices! This can be you, this is your sign to begin and to always continue!

    Yoga, in all of its beauty, can be a part of your life by being a part of the decors in your living room or bedroom! Celebrate the beauty of your body by putting this poster up into your bedroom. Or, another idea, put up a poster of your favourite yoga pose in any room in the house. Choose any from the yoga poster collection at Project Nord! 

    Oh, check out this particular one, and see how it lifts the mood in your house or apartment! Play with the interior design at your home. Make it fun, make it inspiring for you and others to live a fulfilled life!  

    Yoga is a great way to fulfil your life with joy, peace and a calm state of mind. Add yoga practice and yoga art to your daily life and you will see how all around you changes for good in front of your very eyes. 

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