An interview with SISSEL & SILLE

On Sunday our new collaboration with SISSEL & SILLE launched and we can't get enough of the great posters.
We did an interview with Sessel & Sille, so you can get a glimpse behind the scenes and get to know them better!

Some Background info: Where are you from? Where are you living?


I am dane currently in Korea living my dream as an independent content creator and entrepreneur. I came here when I was 19 years old and has since then worked full time on my YouTube channel and other social medias. Last year I launched my skincare brand, Sind, and since then I have been studying myself and my interests in further projects.
Im from the danish countryside and I currently live in Seoul, South Korea where I work as a freelance artist and designer

How did you two meet and what is your connection?

We got introduced by a mutual friend 3 years ago and it was absolutely love at first sight. We all went to dinner together and afterwards the two of us ended up sitting in the train station talking passionately about creating a vegan cooking-show together, which was obviously build on a funny dream in the moment. We instantly connected. It felt like meeting a long lost friend and we just stuck together ever since, even though Sissel moved to Korea shortly after. So it is absolutely magical being united again and what an absolute blessing to start our new journey with this beautiful project.

Being from Scandinavia - what does Scandinavian design and art mean to you?

Growing up in Denmark, with a mom and dad whom are both graphic designers, I definitely think this had a big influence on the way I perceive design and visuals. I really appreciate clean lines and shapes that feel nice for the eye. I get very inspired by beatnik artwork and Scandinavian product and label designs from early 60’s and 70’s.

I have personally always been very particular with my aesthetic and what I liked and didn’t like. I was always taught how your surroundings changes your reality and has a great impact on your mental health. I think that’s a very Scandinavian thing, and I have always used the visual to create the “sissel” brand in my editing that my followers knows me by.

Tell us about this collaboration: What is your idea with the poster collection for Project Nord?

We have worked passionately together to express 5 different topics that means a lot to us and the way we view the world. Choosing to let colors, motives and affirmations speak to the viewer in an emotional and subconscious way. We are firm believers that visuals, colors and the words we speak hugely impact the experience we have in the current moment. So we wanted to create five pieces that people can surround themself with, that will bring a feeling of love, inspiration and purpose to grow.

Love is Love poster

What inspired you for your creative content & designs and how has the design process been?


The design process has been such a joy. We’ve been spending a lot of time together talking about what feeling we want to bring forward in each work, really tuning in and sharing personal experiences, basing a lot of our own lives on the motives and the affirmations. Sille has been drawing and Sissel has been doing the text designs, but we’ve really been apart of it all together, constantly meeting, calling and sending pictures, it’s been such a heartwarming and fun process, creating work with the purpose of spreading love.

 How has it been to work with art to express your message and emotions?

For me this is something I’ve always done, through painting, writing and making music. So for me it is a absolute force of nature to be able to express my emotions through my art, I truly can’t imagine living without.

This is a first timer for me. I used to draw and be a very creative person when it comes to traditional art forms, but I had never done it as a form of expression. I suppose my videos now is a good example of how I might express myself, but it’s all in the feeling and not so much a conscious thing. This project has definitely challenged my creative side and it has been great.

Is this collaboration with Project Nord a one-time thing - or can we look forward to similar projects from you in the future?


Working together and also with Project Nord, it has been an absolute pleasure. With the purpose of the work being such an important and powerful message to spread - along with planting trees on our beautiful planet-through this work, what an absolute pleasure. We definitely have an open heart and would be exited to work together again in the future !! 

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