Let's grow together by SISSEL X SILLE X PROJECT NORD


Finally, the new collaboration with SISSEL & SILLE is here! We are very excited to introduce you to the two Danish women and their project.
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Sissel moved to Seoul, Korea 3 years ago and now lives with her boyfriend. She started her career with a YouTube channel where she regularly posted makeup tutorials. Now she has over 750,000 followers and her own skincare brand. Today, she shares her life and experiences in Korea with her followers through her videos.

Together with her good friend and designer Sille, who also lives in Seoul, she has created a series of posters for her "LET'S GROW TOGETHER" collection. Sissel has long been an advocate for the environment, which is also a part of her skincare brand. For Sissel the posters are a new way to express her opinions and values through art.

Two strong women from Denmark, living in Korea, fighting for our environment and for justice - What a perfect match!

All profits go to Tree-Nation

To share our excitement and celebrate this match, we've come up with something: All profits from the SISSEL x SILLE x PROJECT NORD collection will go towards planting trees through our partnership with Tree-Nation.

The "LET'S GROW TOGETHER" collaboration is a project close to the hearts of both women. Each of the posters is unique and spreads its own message. It's a project they put a lot of love and energy into. A tribute to our earth, to love, to people and our collective growth. At the same time it is a call to fight for all that is important to us and not to never give up.


Let's grow together

lets grow together poster

Named after the collaboration, The "Let's Grow Together" poster is the centerpiece of Sissel & Silles collection. It is the symbol of their artistic interpretation of collective growth.

Through the different conditions we live in, each of us grows in their own way. Some grow stronger and bigger, others weaker and smaller. But that does not matter, because what matters is the power of growing together - that is not only what shapes us as individuals, but it also shapes the world we live in.

Love is Love

"Love is Love" is a work of art in which Sissel and Sille, as the name suggests, have put a lot of love. It reflects the universal power and eternal energy of love. Because we agree that love cannot be limited.

On the contrary, love is there to be shared, passed on and enjoyed freely. With this meaningful poster, Sissel and Sille hope to spread awareness and make the world a better one!

Love is Love poster


Feminist poster

A very optimistic and powerful poster that celebrates equality for all people - "Feminists". It expresses the importance of love, equality and justice.

At the same time, it is a motivation to support each other, keep fighting for equality and never forget how far we have come together, regardless of gender or sexuality. Because we are all in this together!

I am within

True beauty comes from within - The "I am within" poster will be your daily reminder. Self-love is an important process for finding yourself. Connecting the body and mind to feel the inner warmth and energy. With this poster Sissel and Sille take us on a spiritual journey - A journey of finding the beauty of your own soul.

Love is Love poster

Our Responsibility

Our Responsibility poster

Last But Not Least - The "Our Responsibility" Poster. Sissel & Sille and we at Project Nord wouldn't be a perfect match if we didn't stand for the same values. Our Mother Earth gives us life, food, warmth and energy every day. It is time that we give something back to her.

We are all capable of making a difference, taking responsibility and doing our part to protect the environment. An appeal to all of us to preserve our beautiful planet and not to wait for someone else to do it for us!

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