Buy a poster and plant a tree? What is it really about?

We at Project Nord work with Tree-Nation. Our mission is to change the world - one poster at a time. Sustainability and environmental protection are important to us. We believe that everyone can do their part to help these causes.

Now you may ask what does the cooperation entail? What’s the vision? What have we achieved? All those questions we want to answer now.

Tree-Nation: What is the goal?

Tree-Nation is a non-profit organization that has made it their mission to plant trees. The focus lies on stopping deforestation, fight against climate change, and support local communities.

Since the NGO was founded Tree-Nation has planted almost 24 million trees and therefore created 3 million tons of CO2 offset. They work together with around 11,000 organizations and companies (like Project Nord) that help their cause.

Through these cooperations companies can sell products, give a bit of their profit to Tree-Nation, and Tree-Nation will plant trees. Therefore, people can help the cause while purchasing something else. Tree-Nation lets us know that planting trees is one of the most efficient solutions in fighting climate change.

The organization creates jobs, forests woods, and protects the biodiversity. Additionally, developing countries are often the countries that are suffering from deforestation.

Therefore, Tree-Nation is helping both the ecology and the economy (for example through creating jobs) which is highly important and beneficial for exactly such countries. Since more than 80% of species that live on land are inhabitants of tropical woods, their livelihoods are at risk because of deforestation.

Tree-Nation helps to rebuild these habitats. This helps to stop mass extinction. Therefore, we can see that planting trees brings many benefits. All of this then explains why we choose to cooperate with Tree-Nation.


When Project Nord was founded, it was immediately clear that this is not just a simple company. We want to change something with our art. We truly believe that the world cannot only be changed through big gestures but that everyone can do their part.

Despite the fact that our art is unique, it’s not just simply buying a poster. Every time you look at the poster on your wall, you are reminded, that you took a small part in the quest to help make the world a better place. It’s just a little bonus that we love doing for you without you having to go out your way to do something.

The CEO of Project Nord has summarized the backgrounds on the cooperation quite well:

“The Project Nord Promise to plant a tree for every poster you buy was born from the idea that we wanted to help fight climate change. Then we thought: if we're going to plant a lot of trees, we might as well do it where the trees make a difference. That's why we love working with Tree-Nation!

Through the amazing work of Tree-Nation we are able to help with reforestation projects in developing countries where the new trees help save both the local ecology and economy. It's a really good example of how sometimes you can help solve more than one problem with the same simple solution!"

- Torben Andersen, CEO Project Nord


So, now you bought a poster from Project Nord and have therefore planted a tree. Sounds simple and yet a little complicated. This is why we want to quickly explain how this process works.

If you buy a poster from us percentage of the profit goes to Tree-Nation. The NGO then plants a tree from that money. You get sent an email where you can plant the tree, see which specific tree it is, its annual CO2 offset, where it is located and so much more.

You can create your own personal forest with Tree-Nation and every tree you plant will be added to it. So, for you it is only one click after you have bought your poster and then you can immediately see the change that is being made.


As mentioned above, we here at Project Nord truly believe that every small contribution helps and is relevant. We know that you can do your part is stopping deforestation, the extinction of natural habitats, and overall climate change.

There are multiple things that you can do which would help a little already. Whether that means that you decide to take the bike more often than the car, to eat less animal products, or to support organizations that do their part.

Only starting somewhere can make a big difference. You cannot and do not have to do everything at nice. However, it is not true when it is being said that the single person cannot make a change. Maybe you are thinking to yourself “how can one tree make a change?”.

But if many people decide to buy a poster that plants a tree there are immediately many trees. Thus far Project Nord has planted over 40,000 trees by selling our posters. That is around 5 tons of CO2 offset. And that is a lot.

We are very proud of this achievement and thankful for everyone who has done their part on this journey helping our cause. Only through a positive and motivated mindset we can change the world step by step.

So, we want to thank you and hope that you join us and Tree-Nation on our journey to plant more and more trees and make the world a better place one poster at a time.