A2 Posters

Styling a huge poster in your interior, and finding the right spot for it at first place can be very challenging, but also a lot of fun. Unusual dimensions are much bigger creative challenge that any typical wall art you'll go for.

If you want to create a perfect gallery wall, switching between print sizes is a great way to go to make sure none of the chosen art prints will be left unnoticed. You should start from the middle, and so purchasing your first poster should be from our A3 Posters collection.  Once you've set the base for your gallery wall, it will be easier to balance things out.

A2 Posters might be tricky design to go for if you're used to small sizes, like A4 Posters. But if you're not afraid of a creative challenge once in a while, then definitely go for it! We guarantee that as long as you purchase high quality art, and with Project Nord you will, you are half the way to your dream Scandinavian interior. 

Minimalist art doesn't only come in petite sizes. You can dream big and still fit under the stricts rules of minimalism. If you're hesitant with styling your poster in the room, have a look at some of the creative ways you can hang your prints

Large formats of art are also challenging when it comes to deciding whether to go for colourful A2 posters or black and white A2 posters. But as long as you mastered the principles of minimalism, you don't have to worry about messing up your interior design with a bit extra home decor. 

The A2 Posters dimensions are 420 x 594 mm, which, believe us, once put into the space is not even that big. And it's rather exciting to experiment with your wall art, because it's that part of your interior you can always adjust or share with friends once you've decided to change styles. 

You can get customized poster frames on our website while purchasing your perfect poster, and you have it done and ready for brightening up your home. What's more, with Project Nord you'll not only help yourself by choosing a perfect minimalistic art for your home, you will plant a tree with each purchase and make sure you leave behind a better world. 

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