Black and White Posters

If you're going for a perfect minimalist interior, then you're at the right page. What goes better with minimalist Scandi interiors than Black and White Posters collection from Project Nord? Let's have a look at how to style these posters at your home and what are the options you have while choosing one.

How to style Black and White Posters?

This might be really an easy task, however, let's have a look at it together, so you make sure everything is where it belongs when it comes to home decor.  Everyone's decorating style might be, or for sure is different, and yet, minimalism has its own rules and we have to obey them. 

A popular wall art when it comes to combining these two colours together is definitely Photography Posters.  Well, luckily for you we have a whole collection of these beautiful designs and all of them are perfect for that minimalist home. 

Otherwise, an inspirational quote would do great in your kitchen or bathroom, which are a bit difficult spaces to decorate. So, here you go, we found a super easy fix for you! On the contrary, vintage black and white posters will do great in your living room and the best of all is that you can get any of them in large sizes, because it won't be heavy on the eye.

Big black and white posters might perfectly fit your bedroom as well. High quality interior design should be on our mind all the time while refurbishing our home, but when it comes to spaces in the house where spend most of your time, you just have to go that extra mile to make sure everything feels natural. 

Combining such a subtle colours, it is easy to create an environment of serenity and calm in a space, so that's why you don't have to fear getting your next poster in large black and white poster sizes. What will definitely help the final effect is a wood mounting for your poster, that will add natural feeling to the decorations.

If you're looking for a combination of  multiple collections, and we totally approve, you might want to have a look at some of our other colour collections. Creating a sophisticated design in living areas of your house is a key to harmonised home. 

But adding a bit of colour will definitely don't destroy your efforts, on the contrary. Combining black, white and red posters might be great fun and you're definitely not breaking any minimalist rules as long as you can feel things working out in the space.

If black and white movies are your favourite thing to watch on Friday night and you feel like you would fit in a set of Roman Holiday, then embracing black and white design at your home is the right way to go about your interior design. Black and white posters don't have to be bore at all. They are a sign of classic design and fine art. 

Moreover, black and white posters are a perfect home decor piece if you're already settled in and don't want to change much around your house, you've just been feeling like your living room walls are missing something. If you've been looking for an exquisite home decor piece for your kitchen, but you don't want to reach after something that would push your appetite over the edge, black and white colour combination is an excellent choice. 

So now that you know how to combine your next Black and White poster and where to place it in your interior, so that you achieve the level of native Scandinavians, there should be nothing stopping you for getting one of those posters from our collection.  But if you need any more reasons, we're ready to bring you onboard!

The foundation of art lays in black and white colour combination

Scandinavians didn't just made up their minds and decided that black and white are going to be their favourite colours for no reason at all. And of course, the diversity of opinions is more than welcome when it comes to design, it's required. 

So you may come across pastel colours being crucial when designing any minimalist object. Or that just toning down saturation on any colour you're about to use will do the job. But we know that any true minimalist would approve of these two colour without blink of an eye. Which makes them the perfect colour combination for any elemental design. 

People definitely went through phases when artists adored as much colour as possible and would add it literally anywhere possible. But 20th century brought us a break through in the form of Minimalist Movement and some of the best designs embraced until this day. 

And while black and white used to be the only option, last century taught us that this colour combination is not just inevitable, it's desired. In our fast-paced world adopting into our day-to-day life an art that is simple, almost basic, may be just what we needed. 

Black and white movies are nowadays seen as a great artistic approach, black and white photography as some of the most heart-felt kind of art, black and white outfits as the most crucial part of capsule wardrobe. The colours, that some designers still stubbornly refuse to call colours, became essential part of our lifestyle. 

And for a good reason. They are timeless! Besides about million other positive categories they fit into. You'll never have to be worried to do too much or too little using black and white colours, because there is nothing like too something when it comes to this colour combination.

Black and White Posters collection has been carefully curated for the lovers of fine art and timeless designs, and for every new or loyal minimalist out there. The only thing you have to do now is to start scrolling and pick your favourite Project Nord poster to fill in the missing spot in your perfect Scandinavian home. 

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