Seesaw - Hyebong x Project Nord

Seesaw - Hyebong x Project Nord
Seesaw - Hyebong x Project Nord
Seesaw - Hyebong x Project Nord
Seesaw - Hyebong x Project Nord

Seesaw - Hyebong x Project Nord

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This poster is part of our special collaboration with a Youtuber/ Artist, HYEBONG. Her posters will travel you back into your childhood at the playground. Recall the moments where you felt truely "excited" with your loved ones. All profits from the sales of HYEBONG's design posters will be donated to Treenation.

-Artist's Note- When 
I was a small kid, I would play on a seesaw with my friends at the playground. Whenever it went up and down, I felt like my heart could fly into the sky and then dropped to the ground. Even now, if something that excites me comes up, it feels like I'm on the upside of the seesaw.

"Seesaw" is an artwork that expresses my emotions and feelings when excitement comes over me. I feel like my hands and feet, my head, and even my heart feel hotter, and it feels like things surrounding me are changing to the beautiful sky. Even if it could sink to the bottom someday, I want to enjoy the excitement of now! 

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